ScienceLogic is "a leader in AIOps providing modern IT Operations with actionable insights to predict and resolve problems faster in a digital, ephemeral world."


Reston, Virginia


Information Technology

Brian Whitney - Senior Director | Engineering

"Their commitment and predictable level of quality across all positions is what fuels the relationship. I know I can count on them to come through for me, our teams and customers."


At ScienceLogic, we work across various teams on the ScienceLogic platform that monitors multi-cloud, hybrid IT, and legacy infrastructure. We contribute to sub-projects that monitor infrastructure, identify issues, respond with automated actions and resolution, perform systems integration, and participate in deployment operations too. We work across all major public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.) and build/test their deliverables for a variety of critical vendors and numerous device types. These deliverables represent commonly deployed devices and technologies that ScienceLogic customers need to monitor and manage. We work consistently in Python and JavaScript both in development and with our automated testing teams. We are required to work with deployment tools such as Kubernetes and Docker as well. Engineers that thrive at ScienceLogic must be well-rounded engineers as they are asked to do a variety of roles in one (e.g. hybrid tester that does both manual and automated testing; development engineer that develops and gets involved in deployments). Additionally, ScienceLogic has created an environment where folks are encouraged to grow, expand their knowledge and their scope even as vendors. To succeed then, engineers must accept the invitation to grow and demonstrate that increase as it relates to their ability to take on increasingly more autonomy and responsibility.


We are a community of avid learners. We had to be so given our history of having initiated a technology industry in Bolivia from scratch. Though twenty years have since passed, the adaptability we require in our engineers and their rate of consumption to tangible delivery in terms of knowledge remains unchanged.  We built a Foundation, or training center, that allows our engineers to stay engaged as it relates to continuous education and currency of technology. We have practice leaders across each discipline that engages with engineers in their respective growth tracks that leads them in technology, trends, comparison, application and mastery. Engineers also have learned to self-organize in the spirit of Agile to drive their own knowledge sharing groups, initiate rich discussions and apply the insights gained directly on the job. Methodology, best practices and standards are the bedrock of all disciplines. It is what enables our Test Automators to seamlessly move in and out of exploratory testing; and what enables our developers to code with testability, security, and efficiency at the forefront of their minds.


We have offered ScienceLogic the ability to fluidly move our engineers across teams and into hybrid roles or new roles at a moment’s notice. We have gained the confidence of engineering leaders to be able to respond to a new environment, integrate quickly to a new team and gain productivity in short order. ScienceLogic works well to give our engineers every opportunity to succeed knowing they have the full confidence of the domestic teams and the connected support group, both in knowledge and hands-on application, of Jalasoft.


Nearly five years into the relationship, we continue to add distinguishing value as we take on new levels of responsibility and engage new opportunities at ScienceLogic. What began as quality work in manual testing, now extends across multiple roles including development, automated testing, DevOps, Scrum Master, implementation and more. ScienceLogic is a terrific partner and we appreciate the way they continually invite our engineers into ever increasing complexity and count on our ingenuity as they move their business forward.