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Fort Worth, TX



Pam Pieper-Berchem - Sr Director of Development

"If you're looking for a consultant company to help augment your software development needs, Jalasoft is my first choice."


Jalasoft won a bid to provide staff augmentation for a product modernization initiative on a quick ramp-up. We had 30 days to assemble multiple scrum teams consisting of onshore (ECi) and offshore (Jalasoft) engineers. Jalasoft would have one (1) Development Lead, five (5) developers and no QA. All teams would own the quality of their code and deliverables from keyboard through production. The teams were to function as “full stack scrum teams” wherein as a team they would offer a technical and communicative profile to cover any range of jobs or tasks not limited to UI, Services, Backend, and Database related areas of engagement. The teams were to adhere to Behavior Driven Development (BDD) as a conceptual and driving development practice.  Teams would be responsible for their own code quality and quality of deliverables both individually, as a sub-team, and as part of the larger team with an added expectation for collaborating towards establishing coding standards, unit testing, automated testing, integration and functional testing as part of the definition of done for the team(s). And if that wasn’t enough, this would be our first experience with serverless architecture!


As it relates to the primary and secondary engineering skills, we were well positioned well to excel in terms of experience, exposure and expertise. Regarding serverless architecture, AWS Lambda, Amazon Aurora and zero-administration development we acknowledged our passion, our limited exposure but drew upon some prior experience with a few clients working in (then) forward thinking technical spaces. We leaned heavily on our ability to engage in adaptive learning practices and techniques that put us on a path towards greater familiarity and soundness of practice as we activated in those first thirty days. With respect to BDD and DOTing (Development On Testing), we had experience in these areas we together with clients we had created sufficient enablement and capacity for committing to this practice. Given ECi’s measured outlook with an eye towards mutual investment in enablement and instruction to collaborate towards desired ends, we were very confident in succeeding in the project. We assembled our teams in waves, executing a repeatable pattern to come together, train on key project elements, solidify practice and approach and start peer programming. We used this to successfully establish the standards, patterns and habits the team needed as the foundation and we grew with the project from there.


We got out of the gates quickly in terms of team building, collaborative practice and productivity. We were on time, on point with our practices and demonstrated the attention to detail and skills necessary for the project success. As requirements definition was updated on the fly, we were able to pivot in accordance with agile practice and adapt to the newer priorities, and keep pace with the demands of the project.


Two years later, we still have all original eighteen (18) headcount. The project has gone through two additional revolutions of requirements and the team is being relied upon heavily to develop and deliver to the roadmap. We have a strong relationship with the ECi leaders in the project, the technical stakeholders and the developers we have partnered with on the ECi side of the project. Beyond this project, we are working with nine (9) additional project teams at ECi so the successful collaboration speaks for itself. We are ecstatic about our continued partnership and collaboration in building remarkable products that service for ECi and their valued customers.