Engineering Services

Dedicated to their craft. Jalasoft engineers move the needle and carry the load


Technical test engineers.

Our Automation Engineers are highly technical in addition
to having a strong foundation in test methodology.
Whether extending frameworks, instrumenting code
alongside developers or generating automated test cases
they can do it all.

They are the ultimate hybrid resource that thinks
like a tester, can drop down into cognitive or manual
based testing while thriving in a test strategy that is
predominantly in need of automation as integration,
regression, API, performance or other test specifications.

Relentless learners, there is no challenge these engineers
are afraid to accept to promote quality for your customers.

Strategy as you need it.

Our Automation Engineers are well versed in test
strategy.They have a baseline in test methodology, but
bring a more technical perspective to the problems you
need to solve.

Don’t have a clue where to start? No problem, we can
assess, prototype, recommend and execute a test
automation strategy from start to finish. We can also
review existing frameworks or approaches and share
insights that drive value-add almost immediately.

No doubt, we will impact your organization to lower costs,
increase coverage and magnify the quality of your
software deliverables.

Versatility in our role.

Our Automation Engineers add significant value to
your teams and products beyond testing. With their
technical background, they are able to take on roles
and tasks that impact all facets of delivery.

Our engineers are well versed in continuous
integration, continuous delivery and release pipeline
automation. We can assist in deployments, automated
test cycles, and a depth of reporting that your
developers will come to love.

Able to talk development, deployment and handle your
testing needs, these engineers will significantly impact
your delivery lifecycle.

Areas of Emphasis

Jimmy Vargas

Senior Director of Automation

Thoughts on Test Automation

Test Automation is not trivial, although it appears so on the surface. Coverage alone is not the only success indicator to consider. Rather, the quality of deliverables in scope, on time and within budget all factor into the overriding test strategy.

One must also consider the talent needed to establish a test framework that thrives under unexpected conditions, is easy to maintain, has built-in extensibility to accommodate new features and pairs well with the personnel necessary to write the right tests efficiently and deliver informed feedback or test based insights that will ultimately impact product decisions. Finally, the strategy itself must have buy-in from the development teams as they will need to address testability of their code as well as contributing thought, code, and tests towards the success of the overriding framework of choice.

Our automation teams have the skills necessary to design, implement and own test automation and quality assurance for your organization or to work seamlessly as an extension of your Quality leaders. We have been successfully delivering test automation solutions for over 13 years, and we would love to assist you in meeting your Quality needs.