Engineering Services

Dedicated to their craft. Jalasoft engineers move the needle and carry the load


Ownership of our work.

At Jalasoft, we embrace ownership in development.
This starts with our engineers’ understanding of your
customers and their desired outcomes.

We want to know who and their why to inform our approach.
We take responsibility for the quality of our code In
terms of it’s efficacy, security, performance, and scale
from each keystroke through to production.

We run at your pace, both thinking for ourselves and
collaborating with your teams to achieve the results
your customers require.

An agile mindset.

From day one at Jalasoft, engineers are trained to
work with an agile mindset. We teach our teams to
value working software, customer collaboration and
responsiveness to change.

We scrum with your teams, take an Iterative approach
to delivery and enthusiastically engage in grooming,
planning, sprinting and retrospectives right alongside
your teams.

We adapt to your models knowing that every customer
will have a unique spin on the development lifecycle
and what works for you will work for us.

Mastery of our craft.

We employ and equip our software engineers to
pursue excellence in their craft. This begins with a
rigorous hiring process that establishes a standard
of practice, communication, commitment and
opportunity for our engineers.

Once at Jalasoft, we emphasize continuous education,
currency in technology and enriched experience with
mentors, practice groups and unique opportunities to
grow in their positions.

The result? Our talented teams produce high quality
deliverables on time and on schedule with less
overhead than is common with offshore teams.

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Davor Pavisic


Thoughts on What Makes Us Unique

Jalasoft is exceptional in many ways but what makes us unique is our people. We are proud to be the people who initiated the Bolivian Software Industry. First, training the would-be engineers in delivery at scale. Then, providing clear and robust career paths in all areas of engineering: Development, Quality Assurance, Automation, DevOps, UI/UX, and Management, among other necessary roles. Now, leading the charge into emerging technologies and development on the edge for the region.

For over 20 years we have demonstrated that our engineers are capable of delivering on time, with quality over a wide range of expertise. More than that, we are not just an “engineering for hire” company. We invest well in Education and Research, and we are proud owners of our own Intellectual Property. Each by-products of our own innovative initiatives, of a willingness to identify and fill gaps in the marketplace.

We started the industry, we continue to lead the industry, and we are committed to applying the same determination and excellence to those with whom we work today.