Engineering Services

Dedicated to their craft. Jalasoft engineers move the needle and carry the load

Quality Assurance

Best in class results.

At Jalasoft our approach to quality and the results we
deliver are second to none. The bedrock of excellence is
based in our methodology and the years of innovation
and experience that influence how we approach our work.

We establish a deep understanding of your customers,
the outcomes they desire and the way they think about
and interact with your product as they perform in their
roles. This creates better outcomes for your users.

We communicate effectively with developers and product
owners. We mentor the team in how to build solutions
with testability and usability as priorities from day one.

Strategy that works.

Our Quality engineers are well versed in test strategy.
All have a keen competence in test planning, creation and
execution. They think strategically about what is to be
tested and adapt the approach within the context of the

We account for time, cost and scope as we daily work
with the stakeholders to account for changing priorities
requirements and acceptance criteria.

We assess results work closely with stakeholders in
engineering and support, and apply what is learned to
ensure richer outcomes for your customers at a lower
cost of maintenance to you.

Versatility in our role.

Our Quality Engineers add significant value to your
teams and products beyond testing. They too are avid
learners who pursue growth continuously.

Our engineers are well versed in scrum methodology
and agile practices. They mentor team members in
agility, coach developers who are learning TDD, BDD
or other test driven approaches and perform as Scrum
Masters if that is what It takes to ensure success.

Our test resources are technical too. We impact
automation in both test and deployment to amplify
the value we can offer in our role.

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Ramiro Ergueta

Senior Manager & QA Staffing Manager

Message from our Staffing Manager

There is a sentiment in the market today that expresses a “We can do without Manual Testing” viewpoint. It is not always forthcoming, but it is there. It might be in the back of the minds of the leadership team looking to cut costs, or those that feel like “we are all testers” or with those that have suddenly been influenced by a different development paradigm.

We are here to save you some time and potential heartache, and simply tell you that the sentiment is not entirely true. The manual test position may look different, it may not be couched in the same explicit form of days past, but the necessity of manual, or exploratory testing remains as strong as ever.

Integrated into a multi-dimensional test strategy that includes consideration for automation, integration, regression, performance, security and scale, the exploratory or manual tester is an invaluable addition. They can get at the question of “Is this valuable to the user”, they can speak into the user experience (UX), coach the developers in testability of their code and approach and drive acceptance criteria alongside the product owner.

The question is not one of, are they necessary? Rather, it is a question of how to effectively use one of the most valuable assets on the team.