Our Social Impact

Our goal has always been simple. Invest in people first.

A Focus on Education

At Jalasoft, our focus on education was clear from day one. We established a formal training center, the Jala Foundation, in 2008. Its mandate is clear:

  • To teach others about cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology.
  • To teach, train, and develop qualified engineers.
  • To improve the world of IT throughout Bolivia.
  • To obtain sponsorships and support from other organizations, both nationally and internationally, to provide added programs to people throughout the local area.

Jaquemate, or Checkmate, is the instructional vehicle by which we are elevating logic, reasoning, and mathematics skills in both public and private schools across Bolivia. Our goal is to reinforce these critical skills for as many students as we can reach and in doing so, to positively impact STEM education for generations to come. We do this in partnership with the Inter American Development Bank-Lab.


Impact Analysis:


100+ Schools Engaged


25,000+ Students


Additionally, we have started our own university in 2020 in collaboration with other educational and social leaders. As with any world-class institution, a variety of subjects will be taught. But our primary and obvious contribution will be to lead the education and programs related to computer science. Impacting education from high school through University exemplifies our commitment to addressing the social needs of our community.

Elevating Women in Technology

For years, there has been a push to encourage more women to enter the tech field. At Jalasoft, we are proud to have our women lead the way. Our women initiatiated, “Girl Power for Technology (GP4Tech)”, that focuses on creating opportunities for women in the tech industry. GP4Tech seeks to introduce girls to the idea that women can enjoy a successful, rewarding and fulfilling career in technology beginning at a young age. They also appeal to women in the workforce or those coming out of University who need mentorship, role models and encouragement to pursue a professional career or one specific to technology. GP4Tech leads hackathons, workshops and educational programming all over the region to demonstrate that those in attendance do have what it takes to succeed in technology.


Impact Analysis:


50+ Events and Workshops


1,000+ Attendees


 Untold Doors Opened


Our collective goal is to improve the inclusion of and opportunities for women in technology. This applies to our own company, across Bolivia, throughout the region, and all over the world. Together, GP4Tech and Jalasoft are making a difference. Together, we stand for equality.


Enabling the Startup Community

Jalasoft was the original technology startup in Bolivia. At the time, the process of taking a startup from the ground up was non-existent. We started from a team of six and grew to whom we’ve become today. Having learned so many lessons along the way, we now want to help others get there faster. To that end, we have created a proprietary technology platform that accelerates the startup timeline.


Already Having officially launched our platform, Nickel, late last year we are already seeing more ideas come to life at a faster pace which leads to a greater degree of success in the world of entrepreneurship across the region. This benefits everyone as it creates more opportunities for those who need access to technology while also providing better outcomes for consumers everywhere.


From startup to enabler of startups, Jalasoft is again at the forefront helping expedite the growth rate of ideas, entreprenuers and successful companies throughout our region.


The pace of technological advancement is rapid and at Jalasoft, our software engineers are leading the way. Our software engineering professionals have an unparalleled level of experience and professionalism to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services!